B.LAST Dev Log

B.LAST – A Space Bounty Hunter Adventure Game
Current Version: B.LAST.v.a.3600


Other Videos:

The big update is here!

CURRENTLY WORKING ON — Finalizing game mechanics
—Sun Sep 14, 2014 – Just released a ton of new game info. Hoot Hoot!

—Sunday, Aug 24, 2014 — HUGE week in bug fixes and code rewriting. Current version boasts improved frame rate, full keyboard and mouse support, full 2 player support. Working on content and part of the story for the demo release. Release date TBD, shooting for a month from now.

New video posted, and yes I know it’s cropped funny.

—Sunday, Aug 7, 2014 — I’m creating a mega thread for the game. You know that because you’re in it.
—Community Request: As the Open Alpha testing nears, I’ll need to set aside a small portion of my time for keeping the community updated and spreading the word. Can anyone recommend other communities to branch out to? It’s almost time to broadcast.

—Open Alpha Testing: Not Yet Started

Some Recent Screenshots:

Older Albums:

Known Bugs:

—RIDING THE RED ROCKET — Rare –Sometime when you pick up items, the Bounty Hunter flies wildly toward the edge of the level.
—HANDS OF MANY GRABS — Consistent — You can pluck more than one plant at a time.
—FRAME RATE SQUAT THRUSTS — Often — The frame rate drops and jumps back up. – see below
—THE HAUNTED DIALOGUE BOX — Occasional — the dialogue box will “haunt” you.
—DALI OR ESCHER? — Occasional — You may occasionally spot items that do not overlap properly, creating a surrealist image that is implausible. There is a small risk that your brain, failing to properly interpret the impossible image illusion, will completely shut down.
—THIS THING DRIVES LIKE A JEEP — Occasional to Consistent — General control and handling issues. Particularly around the ladder.

Reported Bugs:
—This section will be updated during Open Alpha

Photo Bombed:

The communicator went off at a bad time.

Animated GIFs:

Stage of Development: Development is still very early. I’ve got most of the game’s function worked in. I believe I’m pushing the HTML5 engine to its limits though, so for the next couple of weeks, I’ll be working on optimization. After that, updating 2 player and adding the versus battle mode.


“Be excellent to each other.” – Abraham Lincoln


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